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January 14, 2013

What do the headlines have to do with prayer?


I asked that question years ago when someone who didn’t work in the news media asked me if I prayed over all the stories I read in the news as I did my daily news anchoring on a radio station. I had researched the stories. I wrote the stories. I gathered audio to go with the stories. I reported the stories. But, I never prayed over the content of those stories or the people who were or would be impacted.

That question that had been asked of me nagged at me until the day I began praying over the news…the places, the people, the issues. I prayed for God to calm the storms and I prayed for safety for those facing raging wildfires. Suddenly I felt like I was more in tune with each story and with each issue I had researched. It became personal. My personal prayer.

Now, when people tell me they don’t like listening to the news because it can be so depressing, I remind them that it is a call to prayer. These are real people facing real issues all over the world and they need we believers to raise them up in prayer. We can’t run into the White House shaking our fist calling for a policy change or a heart change…but we can pray and therefore we have one of the most powerful weapons on this earth.

There is no limit to what God can do and if we, collectively, raise up these concerns that burden our hearts to Him in prayer we just may see the change we long for. This is why Prayerpoints was born: to raise the awareness of a couple of the news stories of the day and to urge you to pray over these issues. We need to use this powerful weapon we have been given. We need to embrace the gift of being able to communicate directly with our Creator.

2 Comments On “What do the headlines have to do with prayer?”

  1. Never really thought about praying about the news except for stories that really touch my heart. Pretty disconnected view of our world I must confess. I will now be taking a new approach to headlines and pray over others’ issues as I go about my day. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

  2. Looking forward to checking in here often. Good words my friend.

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