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February 13, 2014

The unexpected message can make a big difference

14-year old William Hart of Illinois stepped outside his comfort zone. His mom, Sharon, was in the hospital receiving her chemotherapy treatment. William decided to do something special for his mom to make her feel better. He had been in that room with her before and he knew that when you looked out the window you were gazing at the top of the parking garage.

God provided the snow. William provided the labor…a labor of love. He went up to the parking garage and began the job of stomping down the snow until he had formed the letters “Hi Mom” in the snow. The “o” in Mom was a smiley face. William told the Chicago Tribune, “I wanted to send her the message because I thought it would brighten her spirits and help her get through this. I would love for her to be happy. This has been rough. I’ve been praying a lot and trying to not think about what’s going on so I can do good in school.” When Sharon looked out the window a big smile came to her face.

After he left the message he began to think about all the other patients in the hospital who are also being treated for cancer. He and his father went back to the garage and added a few more words in the snow “God bless you”.  It brought more smiles from everyone on that side of the hospital. Doctors and nurses saw it and took pictures and posted them on the internet and Williams simple but heartfelt message went viral. Sharon said this was unusual for William to do something like this but she said he does have a big heart. “I’m glad so many people got to see the message and that it touched so many. It shows how big God is.”

William is not the only one who has used the snow to warm some hearts. At St. Cloud Hospital in Minneapolis patients can look out the window toward the Mississippi River and see the words “love” and “Believe” stomped out in the snow. A man and a woman have been seen leaving the messages but no one knows who they are. Each time there is fresh snow there is a new message.

It’s so simple. A couple of words stomped in the snow that have a huge impact on those who look down only to have their spirits lifted up. Words of hope. Words of encouragement. What words have you shared today?

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