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November 30, 2015

The Lesson at the Pond…

A benefit of all of the rain we’ve had this year in North Texas is that the pond on my property has stayed at a good level for most of the year. Last year when we suffered from excessive drought the pond dried up in early June and never held any significant amount of water for the remainder of the year. But this year was different. The spring rain brought floods to many areas and the creek that runs into my property and helps feed the pond was rushing and going over the banks. The water did cross the road a few houses down the street from me. When the rain stopped and the sun came out we had a beautiful pond full to the crest of the banks. Over the next several days we found turtles making their way to our pond. We also had a family of ducks that showed up and camped out at the pond. Herons came for daily visits and we saw numerous other wild animals coming to visit the pond. IMG_0203It was very peaceful to walk back to the pond and watch all the wildlife and the reflection of the clouds and sun in the water. Others who saw the pond would compliment it on how pretty it was and peaceful.

But when the heat of the summer was upon us the pond began to shrink and in due time it was down to a small puddle and all the trash and ugliness that had been in the bottom of the pond under the water was exposed. It was not pretty any longer. In fact, it was ugly and I didn’t want anyone else to see it. There had been junk in the pond area before and the spring floods brought more junk to rest in there. You couldn’t see it when the pond was full. Now it was exposed.

Aren’t some of us like that pond? We have junk buried deep down inside and it is rarely exposed. The rough edges. The unwanted clutter. The ugliness is down there under our skin but we go about our daily routine with a smile on our face acting like everything is fine. But underneath we are battling with crud that we would much rather was not part of our makeup. There is a solution.

Turn it all over to the creator of all things. Ask for the crud to be removed. Ask for the hurts to be healed and for the rough edges to be smoothed. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Back to the pond: God owns this property and the pond. He allows me to be the caretaker. This year he has shown me how pretty the pond can be when it is full and how ugly it can be when it is empty. He has given me the job of removing the ugliness when the water goes down so that whether the water level is high or low there will be beauty to be seen.

Thank you God for the lesson at the pond.

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