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August 22, 2014

The “Fort” is coming along nicely…

Camaro (Chris') and mine 04-22-14A few months back I wrote about how I never got around to building the fort for my son as he was growing up. I always had this grand idea of having a fort built for him or a tree house. Something special just for him. But the years raced by and my son is now 26 years old. After his car started falling apart he sold it while it still ran for a low price. Faced with only the money from the car he began a search for something different to drive. He settled on a black 1986 Camaro that had been sitting for about ten years. The memories of the fort that was never built came rushing back to me when he said “Dad, why don’t you find an old Camaro as well and we can work on them together and maybe even get them in car shows”.

I wasn’t going to let my chance at building that “fort” get away from me this time. I began the search and found a 1984 Camaro for sale for $500. Those cars have now become our “fort”. We have gone to the junk yards together on a search for parts. We’ve washed them together, waxed them together and taken them to car shows together. Neither one of the cars is of car show quality but the local car club encouraged us to join and we did and neither of us regrets making that decision. We dream together about how they could look if we had the funds to do what we wanted with them.

Tonight the local Sonic had what is known as a cruise-in. This is when the collectors of old cars bring them out to a designated location and we all sit around and talk about cars or whatever and have something to eat. We look at each others cars and admire the paint and the chrome and the skinned knuckles it took to get them where they are. Chris and I do not have the fancy paint or the Chrome or the flawless interiors. At least not yet. But we have managed to take two old vehicles and in a matter of a few months we got them from not running to running and being able to cruise on down the road with them.

If you missed that chance to build the fort with your kids when they were young do not be dismayed. If you have lost that special connection with your son or daughter and you are wondering how to get it back, look into something that interests them and make it a new adventure for yourself. I’ve discovered that it is never too late to build the “fort”

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